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  • Enjoy Cozy Winter Evenings

    To enjoy completely an idyllic winter evening, we need to be relaxed and totally present, which is often just an unattainable dream for most of us, while rushing from one...

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  • Diffusers Where Candles Can't

    Our Coastal diffusers are a great alternative to candles. Diffusers are becoming more and more popular because they are  great for the office, areas with small children or pets, and...

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  • The Beauty of Lemon

    I am amazed at the the versatility of the lemon. In reading one of my favorite Journals I thought I would share some of the amazing uses. Just imagine, a...

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  • The Aroma of Space

    I started my company Laguna Candles for two reasons. My love for candles and scents and the  desire for a clean burning scented candle and a another important reason was...

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