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"Power of Scent and Private Label Candles"


Refreshing water with slices of citrus and white fluffy robes - these are the simple amenities spa visitors have come to expect and delight in. But there is another ambient detail that gets overlooked since it usually hits us on a more unconscious level: the calming orange blossom and lavender scents from scented candles that often waft through spa lounges, treatment rooms, and hallways.

These aromas have been part of spa and wellness experiences for years. The spa industry latched onto scent early on as an essential component of wellness and helped launch aromatherapy into the mainstream. Laguna Candle's Private label luxury scented candles allows the spa visitors the benefit of taking home a lasting memory of their stay.  We can private label our 11oz. or 14oz. standard candle and make a memorable  statement for your brand.  With our generous 13% fragrance load customers will be  instantly enveloped in the memory of your brand and they will never forget you. 

As the power scent has on our memory, emotions, and body becomes even more valid  and greater efforts are made to wild harvest the most effective botanicals  spas have been motivated to re-imagine their aromatherapy approach from the more generically pleasant to the personalized and customized..



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