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Why Buy Local? Five Good Reasons!

April 30, 2018

  1.  It helps create jobs. One of the reasons why I hire local artisans to create our  blown art glass  is simply because I sincerely want to do  my part to support local artist here within our community. 2. You get better customer service. Local businesses often hire people with a better understanding of their product. 3. It reduces environmental impact. Making more local purchases requires less transportation which ultimately contributes to less congestion and pollution. 4.I gives us an opportunity  invest in our community. Local businesses are owned by people who live in the community. We have lived in Laguna Beach for over 20 years and owned our family owned business, Laguna Candles since 2003. Local businesses are...

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Scent Marketing

March 24, 2018

What is scent marketing and how it can benefit your business.

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Private Label Candles: How Long Does It Take To Fulfill An Order?

February 14, 2017

Do you ever feel like you're at the mercy of your suppliers? Your business relies on them to provide you with the goods and services that allow you to satisfy your customer's every need. But, when those goods don't turn up on time, you're left facing their wrath. Disappointing your customers is never a smart business move. That's why, when choosing a private label supplier for your candles, turnaround time is high on your priority list. You need a private label company that can fulfill your order as soon as possible without compromising on the quality of your candles. We are proud to say that Laguna Candles has an excellent track record for both quality and speed. As soon as...

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