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Laguna Candles, maker of luxury scented candles, hand-poured in recycled glass candle jars and hand blown, artisan glass containers was founded on the desire to offer a collection of the finest Fragrant Candle, comprised of our proprietary blend of soy wax, unbleached cotton wicks and  the best natural extracts and essential oils.  We create sublime fragrances for any interior space. 

Even as we expand globally, we are committed to maintaining our local presence, and reinvesting in the beautiful community that makes our success here in the states possible.  In addition to creating jobs for local residents, we cultivate partnerships with local businesses and work with organizations to promote economic growth here in the United States. As you shop for home, office, spa, unique personal gifts, unique corporate gifts, promotional corporate gifts or custom corporate gifts we're certain that you will find unbelievable value, luxury & uncommon function.


Best Candle Scents for Fall

October 03, 2016

For a candle lover, fall is the best time of the year. With the weather starting to cool off, there is nothing better than filling your house with the comforting scents of the season at the strike of a match. The pungent aroma of spices, the warmth of cashmere, the smoothness of amber and the earthiness of iris will take your home life to the next olfactory level and create the perfect haven for cozy retreats with family and friends: Spices: The Essence Of Fall It just wouldn’t be fall without the warm and pungent scent of spices. Cinnamon, clove buds, and Canadian fir tree are scents synonymous with the chilly season that are guaranteed to make your home smell...

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Rebranding: Five reasons to Private Label

August 01, 2016

Private Label brands will create successful sales opportunities for Retailers. The perception of Private Label goods has never been as high as it is at this time based on the Nielsen Global survey for private label. Private Label gives the customer the opportunity to make quick adjustments which help with speed-to market for your customer’s product! Your  Custom  Private Label Brand gives the client the strong perception of taking the Spa experience home with them after their visit. Affordable minimum orders allows the  start up a chance to  get started on an small budget. Natural waxes such as Coconut, Palm and Soy combined with essential oils and cotton wicks create a clean burning candle with  exceptional scent throw.  The correct wick size is...

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What they won't forget!

June 06, 2016

Many vacationers love to take a little bit of the trip home with them. Our latest project with Fairmont Hotels gave us a glimpse of how much appreciated the retail shops and spas are to the international and domestic travelers.  Kudos to you travelers for sharing our  Laguna Candles brand and story!  

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Private Label Candles and candles sets!

February 08, 2016

Laguna Candles prides itself in manufacturing healthy and ethical candles. We support fair trade, fair wages and sustainable methods all while supporting local artisans by helping them preserve their noble crafts.You can private label our 11oz. or 14oz. standard candle and candle sets make a memorable statement for your brand. With our generous 13% fragrance load customers will be instantly enveloped in the memory of your brand. Laguna Candles offers it’s customers an extraordinary opportunity to experience the intriguing and enchanted world of fine fragrances for the home and body. Our candle fragrances are complex, yet subtle, elegant and refined.Our proprietary blend of natural waxes, essential oils and cotton wicks create a clean burning Private Label candle with an exceptional...

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