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Our Ethos and Commitment To Sustainability

Our Ethos and Commitment To Sustainability

Laguna Candles has a strong ethical and community ethos, we support a sustainable supply chain and are working hard to implement sustainable, long term relationships with growers & manufacturers around the world. We thought it would be fitting to highlight the partnerships we have with our fragrance house and the growers and manufacturers that supply them with natural ingredients. Each focuses on fair trade and a community story and how it's having a positive impact on their lives.  Consider a few of our newly developed fragrances and what it takes to,ethically, source the hero ingredient.

Olfactive Space: Unisex
Hero Ingredient: Cedarwood
Ingredient Location: USA

Partners in Alabama and Texas are mastering the production of Cedarwood from log recovery with state-of-the-art distillation, resulting in one of the most sustainable supply chain in the range of aromatic woods. Our partners are only cutting the needed trees at full maturity and they avoid harming young trees. They are also ensuring that no part of the tree go to waste by using every part of the trees either for distillation or other usage as closet confection. Additionally, much of the harvesting is done by hand which preserves traditional land-use practices. 


Olfactive Space: Fresh & Clean
Hero Ingredient: Lavender
Ingredient Location: France

Provence in France, produces 95% of the Lavandin in the world, a crop that is also traditionally associated with other aromatics: lavender and clary sage. Our fragrance house's footprint in Lavandin is the largest of the industry. It gives them a privileged position but also a responsibility that ensures large-scale responsible sourcing of Provence ingredients.


Olfactive Space: Vanilla Wood
Hero Ingredient: Vanilla
Ingredient Location: Madagascar

The process of making vanilla can be compared to crafting diamonds. Vanilla flowers must be pollinated by hand, each step of the process completed with care to ensure the highest quality vanilla. Through our fragrance house's partnership with Authentic Products in Madagascar, they are improving daily life in the Savanille farming communities by guaranteeing fair and timely compensation and by supporting major health and education projects. This allows farmers to fully focus on providing the best vanilla in the world for our fragrance creators and candle customers.


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