Soy-Coconut Blend Candle, The Stellar Jay - Laguna Candles

Soy-Coconut Blend Candle, The Stellar Jay

Save 40% on Laguna Candles unique keep-sake that any lover of nature and birds would love to own. Crafted with our exclusive coconut and soy blend wax and  artfully scented with scents like Moss&Woods and Cardinal Rose. A clean burning candle in a glossy white vessel with image of the Stellar Jay Bird.  Limited edition series.  Original study by LCAD alumnus Cody Jimenez.

Candle size: 13oz

Wax: Coconut Soy blend

Vessel style: Glossy white tapered vessel

Packaging: Crush-proof box insures safe delivery

Fragrance: Moss & Woods

Burn time: 52 Hrs.