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Spa Week! Candles for Hotels and Spas!




Laguna Candles are luxury candles made to some of  the most ethical standards in the world. We support fair trade, fair wages and sustainable methods all while supporting local artisans by helping them preserve their noble crafts.

Laguna Candles fragrances are composed of premium natural essences and essential oils gathered from the world over and rigorously selected by our perfumer.

The qualities of these essences are as varied as the plants and flowers from which they come. Once in the hands of our gifted perfumer they take on a life of their own, blending in a harmonious fashion until they reach the perfect balance that only the most gifted perfumer understands and knows how to reveal.

Laguna Candle's for Hotels and Spas offers it's customers an extraordinary opportunity to experience the intriguing and enchanted world of fine fragrances for the home and body. Our candle scents are complex, yet subtle, elegant and refined. Our state of the art scenting services, discreetly released through your air circulation system, is available upon request for larger spaces or your entire hotel.

Our proprietary blend of natural waxes, essential oils and cotton wicks create a clean burning candle with an exceptional scent throw. The fragrances of our Private label candles will elevate your senses while creating a timeless experience for the home. Our unique handcrafted vessels are heirloom quality pieces that are architecturally significant and blends well as an accessory in any environment.

Laguna Candles can design and produce a high quality, luxury candle fragrance just for your distinguished hotel. The vessel you choose can come from our Heirloom collection that can be hand-blown in just about any color or shape you choose. We have many choices when it comes to custom made candles and candle vessels that will reflect the elegance and sophistication of Hotel or Spa anywhere in the world.

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