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Accessories are what bring a room to life. When planning a room for relaxation its important that we take every feature into consideration. I happen to love Blue and White. Since it is and always have been a beloved combination, there are many decorative elements to help you incorporate finishing touches. A blue glass platter with matching goblets, can enhance any table. I remember when my mom gave me a beautiful set of blue and white china. I have them to this day and truly cherish them

I have had close friends give me blue and white gifts in a variety of shape textures, sizes and hues. With much gratitude I have held on to them.

Laguna Candles just recently launched our newest Heirloom Artisan Candle in Royal Blue, that I absolutely love and I am sure you will as well. 

We've developed new fragrances  that will be perfect for the home atmosphere during crisp fall  days and long winter nights, especially woody fragrances and the flavor of the forest and fresh leaves that create the illusion of the open space. We look forward to launching Laguna Candles new Fall/Winter Collection and hope you love them as much as we do.

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