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Beach House Relaxing and Peaceful Scent

Our driftwood candle from Laguna Candles.
It’s lit whenever we’re home - day or night - and our beach house is then
full of such a relaxing and peaceful scent. Thank you for making our home
feel so wonderful with this candle!!

Kris McNamara


Wyland Worldwide

"I was very excited to find Laguna Candles. Their lovely product offering and wonderful fragrances were exactly the quality and esthetic I hoped to find in a local supplier.  Laguna candles was able to provide small-batch production so there was no concern for over-consumption and waste.  We are very pleased with the partnership fostered between Wyland Worldwide and Laguna Candles." 

Product Development Wyland Worldwide


Amica Skincare

"From the moment we got in touch with Laguna Candles to the delivery, you have been so attentive and supportive and the result is having an amazing quality candle with our branding reaching a new level!

We can only thank you for the success of our final product. Thank you once again for all the help and support!"

Director of AMICA Skincare, London


Energy Wellness

"Laguna Candles exceeded my expectations in the quality, design and fragrance of my very own private label candles.
Thank you Laguna Candles!"

Meet The Founder

The Woman Behind The Candles

Sharie created Laguna Candles out of a desire to enjoy naturally derived candle fragrances, minus toxic chemicals