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  • What Makes Our Coconut Wax So Good in Candles?

    What Makes Our Coconut Wax So Good in Candles?

    Coconut wax’s natural ability to blend well with essential oils for fragrance enhances their aesthetic appeal. This natural beauty, combined with the benefits of a longer burn time and superior...

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  • Spring/Summer 2022 Handmade Gifts!

    Spring/Summer 2022 Handmade Gifts!

    There is a burgeoning demand afoot!  The art of making things by hand. A growing group of aware and committed people are seeking out high-quality hand made goods. Laguna Candle's Heirloom...

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  • Benefits Of Citrus/ Lemon Fragrance!

    The versatility of Lemon is no doubt amazing! A product that can be used as a beauty treatment, cleaning agent and lets not forget the aromatherapy values of lemon. One of...

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  • Best Candle Scents For Fall!

    For a candle lover, Fall is the best time of the year. With the weather starting to cool off, there is nothing better than filling your house with the comforting...

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  • Balance & Our Health!

        As a women business owner I’m well aware of the struggles women face in the workplace or while running their own business.  The demands that society places on...

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  • Three Advantages of Private Branding

    Three Advantages of Private Branding

    Laguna Candles is committed to  understanding and meeting the needs of our clients through our Private Label program. There are many advantages of Private label Branding, and below are three  that...

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  • Five reasons why I buy local!

    Five reasons why I buy local!

        What an honor it was to be featured in the March issue of Orange Coast Magazine a few years ago. There are times when I felt that our...

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