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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Every decision we make at Laguna comes from a place of deep intention. We believe this is the key to enlightened living. Every day we are presented with an array of choices, which direction we go is in our own hands.
Living with intention means saying no to that which does not serve our higher purpose. It means dedicating time for our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It means surrounding ourselves with small reminders of peace - a flower, a piece of art, a beautiful scent, as to not get swept away by the everyday stresses of the mind. Our outer space affects our inner space.
With intentional reminders placed around us, we become aware of the present moment, resting into being as our mind softens for a while. We are worthy of peace. True self care is knowing your value, knowing when it is down and when it’s time to take steps to rebuild. It starts right now, with intentional living
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