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Customer Focused Private Label Candle Manufacturer

Customer Focused Private Label Candle Manufacturer

Candles are one of those consumer products that never go out of style — they make a thoughtful and always welcomed gift for any receiver, are a wonderful addition to all types of home décor and provide an unparalleled ambiance — which could explain the global popularity of candles and world-wide market size.

For anyone who wants to start selling their own brand of candles, there are a few things to consider when looking for a private label candle supplier. Candles can be made from many different ingredients such as Soy wax, Coconut wax or Beeswax, and these can be organic, or cruelty- and chemical-free.

Candles come in several different shapes, sizes, containers, and styles, for example, pillar candles, or jar candles. In addition, they can be handmade, machine-made, scented with infinite different fragrances, unscented, or even infused with aromatherapy oils.

Laguna Candles is a customer-focused contract candle manufacturer of high quality, scented, clean burning candles and home fragrance products, including reed diffusers, room sprays and a range of accessories like wick trimmers and snuffers. Providing custom designs, custom blended fragrances, research, technical development, product photography and shipping services for private label customers.

Laguna Candles offers short lead times; the result is ready made candles that you can ship to your customers with minimal delay.  We are a turn-key operation, and we can help with every aspect of your candle project from sourcing all components to designing labels and packaging.  We develop high-quality, ethically sourced candles for entrepreneurs taking a green approach to business. Environmentally friendly production is important for our brand, and even the wicks are natural wood or cotton.   You can choose from a wide range of stock fragrances, all with their own unique scents.

 Laguna Candles offers various branding options too, so you can choose exactly what your candle looks like before it’s delivered to your customer.   Eco-friendly products: All candles offered by the Laguna Candles are free from phthalates, eco-friendly, and hand-crafted, to ensure the best possible quality.   We offer a wide range of high-quality product options and the artisanship of our company, combined with the wide range of customization options, makes Laguna Candles a great choice for new business owners wanting to offer private labeled candles to their customers.  For more information contact us via phone or email below.

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