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Here at Laguna Candles we pride ourselves in offering you the highest quality scented soy candles and home accessories. With our great prices and exceptional service, you are sure to be pleased with the luxurious soy scented candles and our upscale candles which feature the Heirloom Candle Collection created in conjunction with local artists & master glass blowers in Laguna Beach.  These hand-blown glass candles, and ethically sourced candles containers are the perfect compliment to any decor.

Even as we expand globally, we are committed to maintaining our local presence, and reinvesting in the beautiful community that makes our US success possible.  In addition to creating jobs for local residents, we cultivate partnerships with local businesses and work with organizations to promote economic growth here in the United States.

Our Mission

Laguna Candles was founded in 2003 when founder (Sharie Hendricks) wanted a cleaner burning candle for her home.  After many months of research she found the perfect "Soy blended" wax and decided to offer a collection of clean burning, eco-friendly, scented soy wax candles. The company  was started with an intentional goal of becoming an innovator in glass candle design and a leading source for luxurious scents, scented soy candles & innovative home interior jar candles.  The unswerving trust of our customers springs not only from our traditional know-how, but also our skill at cultivating long term relationships grounded in attentiveness and discernment.  The owners are people of great integrity and our products offer tremendous value.

We're passionate about what we do, and we want to pass that along to you. The great people behind our brand are here to ensure that you will receive what you want— the way you want it. Our DNA runs deep and our people believe that each customer deserves our full attention. Whether we get to meet you, or just speak with you online, we want to ensure that you have a memorable experience with all of the Laguna Candles brands.

We take a great deal of pride in our soy candle products. Laguna Candles offers high quality organic soy blended wax candles, as well as the uncomprimising Heirloom collection created in conjunction with master glass blowers and local Laguna Beach artists.

"This is Not Just Any Candle, This Is The Original Laguna Candles"

Meet The Founder

The Woman Behind The Candles

Sharie created Laguna Candles out of a desire to enjoy naturally derived candle fragrances, minus toxic chemicals