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Let It Glow: Women and Wellness

Let It Glow: Women and Wellness



Strike a Balance: One of the benefits of balance when it comes to self care and wellness is knowing when to say: No. It is imperative that we dedicate time to give our physical, emotional and spiritual health attention, love and care. It starts right now. Think about a time when you really wanted to say no and didn't . It's ok to do this sometimes, but  it can be draining constantly saying yes when we are not feeling it. Balance helps us to be aware of our limitations and courageously decline if we choose.

Take A Pause: I have never been one to nap. Even as a kid I fought it! Recently I've had more appreciation for quiet time and solitude. I  have come to appreciate the short naps. I wake up refreshed and rejuvenated for the uncertainty that we all face everyday with a positive, "bring it on" spirit.

Let It Glow: The glow and aroma of a clean burning candle gives me moments of peace each morning before meditating, journaling and reflecting. It also helps me to gratefully accept the fact that I have a responsibility to let my personality glow in a positive way to build others up and reflect the change that we all want others to show. Let us be the change by the way we treat others!

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