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Five Easy Steps to Creating Your Private Label Candle Collection

Five Easy Steps to Creating Your Private Label Candle Collection

Step No. 1 | Explore & Discover

We collaborate with you to better understand your brands vision, goals and pending timelines.

 Step No. 2 | Select Your Fragrances

With an extensive library of in-house fragrances to choose from, our consultants take you through the journey of discovery and help you tell your story in an authentic way with captivating scents.

 Step No. 3 | Select Your Vessel

We assist you in choosing a unique vessel which gives character to your brand. We stock a variety of sizes styles, colors and finishes to meet your specifications.

 Step No. 4 | Design Your Packaging

In-house design services are available to help you with the design of vessels, labels, logos and a full line of packaging options. We consider the function of your packaging to bring a unique experience for your candle brand.

 Step No. 5 | The Finished Product

We’re always excited when your project is nearing completion and this stage of the process is, by far, the most joyous time. Our entire staff is excited to see your final product and the happy look on our client’s face. Our un-wavering commitment doesn’t end here, we are always available to support your brand.
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