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Why Buy Private Label Candles


If you are a discerning business owner looking for a way to extend the reach of your business’s brand then Laguna Candles private label candles are a proven product that will help you do just that. Laguna Candles collections of luxurious scented candles are made from the very best ingredients, including our own proprietary soy wax blend combined with our custom fragrances.

When you buy private label candles from the Laguna Candles collection you are assured that you’re buying the very best in high quality, luxury candles. All of our candles are what we consider “Eco-smart”. They burn clean, have cotton wicks and are gently and artistically handmade and infused with our custom fragrance. Complete with your logo/artwork on the label our private labeled candles will leave a lasting impression on your customer. And they will not leave any undesirable residue in the environment.

It’s a proven fact that scent is the most powerful of all our senses; remember the smells from your mother’s kitchen. We private label our candles for many high-end hotels, resorts, spas and retailers. Choose from Laguna Candles extensive library of scents and choose one that will become your signature scent and create lasting memories of your business that your customers won’t soon forget.

Our private label collection of candles includes the following:

  • The Traditional Collection
  • Heirloom Artisan Collection
  • Glass Dome Collection
  • Metal Lid Collection

For the best selection in eco-smart, luxury, scented candles visit today!

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