Ponderosa Pine Ceramic Candle & Room Spray - Laguna Candles

Ponderosa Pine Ceramic Candle & Room Spray

Save 20% on thisrefreshing duo of Laguna Candles Ponderosa Pine Candle & Room Spray Winter Fragrance,  infused with perfume grade fragrances embedded in a soulful blend of clean burning wax. Hand Poured in a high quality ceramic vessel.  Vessel can be re-used and re-purposed for your personal use. 

Fragrance: Ponderosa Pine

Fragrance Notes: 

Pine, Wild Sage, Blue Basil, Ponderosa Pine, Hint of Vanilla, Cedarwood, Redwood



Candle Size: 3.75" T x 3.5" D / 20oz., Burn time: 80 Hrs.

Room Spray: 5.0" T x 1.5" D / 4oz.