Comfy Cozy Soy Candle & Autumn Red Elegant Lighter Combo - Laguna Candles

Comfy Cozy Coconut Wax Candle & Autumn Red Elegant Lighter Gift Set


Everyone loves the atmosphere of a candle lit room, so why not create light with elegance and distinction?  Our candles are hand-crafted using the highest quality Coconut wax and our Elegant lighters leather wrapped at the handle and designed to be held gracefully and put on display.

This combination is too attractive to hide away, the lighters are as stylish and decorative as the candles, fireplaces, and chimineas they're designed to light. The candle with matching lighter is certainly a conversation piece that will adds flair to any room, or social gathering.

Candle: Waterfall 


Sparkling Citrus, Bergamot, Peony, Green Apple Orris, Violet Petals, Warm Jersey

Transparent Musk, Patchouli, Clear Musk

Lighter: Autumn Red