Custom Private Label Candles - Laguna Candles

Private Label Artisan Candles Designed for Your Brand

As a candle maker of high quality candles, Laguna Candles is proud to provide custom private label candles for your brand or estate property.

Our candles are manufactured to the highest standards, with an emphasis on sustainabilityand ethical business practices. While we partner with architects, designers, spas, hotels, and high-end retailers, we also offer private label corporate gifts to businesses across all industries. If your business is looking for unique customized corporate gifts, let Laguna Candles show you why your clients and customers will appreciate the highest quality candles and the indulgence of sense-nurturing luxury. Simply put, they will never forget you.


How Can Laguna Candles Make Desirable Corporate Gifts?

As part of promoting your brand and building client relationships, personalized business gifts allow you a unique way to connect to a larger audience. However, since promotional merchandise is a direct reflection on your business, you want to select products that will best represent your values. Many promotional products end up as useless and unnecessary, ensuring that your investment isn’t paying off. However, the rich, inviting scents from Laguna Candles, combined with our quality manufacturing, ensure that your clients and customers receive a welcome gift that will be enjoyed and appreciated.

 Promotional corporate gifts

From trade shows to conventions, you can use our candles to stand out. Attendees at these events are often inundated with the same, boring, promotional products, so you can wow them with a truly usable product that speaks to your taste for top-quality in all that you do.

Holiday corporate gifts

The holidays are just around the corner, and sending your clients a token of appreciation is more than good manners; it’s good business. Our candles make a distinct and memorable impression, showing that you value your clients throughout the year.

  New client or referral gifts

We all know that word-of-mouth can be the best and most affordable method of client acquisition. Show your appreciation and goodwill by thanking a new client referral with a thoughtful gift that doubles as a promotional product.


    Whatever the occasion, Laguna Candles can help you curate a collection of custom private label candles that will enhance your marketing efforts while promoting a positive image. To learn more or for a quote, contact a customer service representative and let us help you grow your business.