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White Label Candles

We Believe In Your Brand & We Believe In the Power Of White Labeling!

Our proprietary blend of natural waxes, essential oils and cotton wicks create a clean burning candle with an exceptional scent throw that encapsulate a higher perceived value of your company or services. Realize the power of white labeling as part of your business strategy to stay ahead of your competition.  Laguna Candles will put it all together for you.  Our high standards insure your project has our personal attention to detail and our unswerving commitment to excellence.


Get started by choosing a sample fragrance kit that best suits your sample needs. Fragrance kit cost will be credited back to you on your first order!

There are many advantages of White  Label Branding, and below are three that we have found to be very beneficial.

1. Loyalty

White Label Candles is one way to build customer loyalty from people who like your products. High quality brands with limited accessibility to a large customer base help you gain loyalty from core customers. Your customers feel attached to your brand and product.

2. High Margins

White Label Branding is one way to separate yourself from competitors. One of the greatest attributes of private labels is that you inherently have an exclusive right to sell the products. If you market the brand well and create demand for it.  This contributes to your ability to charge premium prices.

3. Wholesaler

With the right quantity  you could operate as a wholesaler of your brand and offer limited access to other retailers who pay you premium acquisition costs for the right to carry your White Label Candles. This not only generates more income, but it also spreads the exposure of your brand even further. A relationship with a high volume re-seller can lead to more customers buying your White Label Candles.

Private label candle projects   

Services include: Custom wax formulation, custom fragrance development, product design, packaging design, custom packaging sourcing, production, testing & fulfillment.



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