Natural Extracts Scented Luxury Candles And Home Fragrance - Laguna Candles

Luxury Scented Candles for Enlightened Living

Laguna Candles hand pours each luxuriously scented candle into eco-friendly glass vessels and hand blown, artisan glass containers. Each of our elegant scents have been designed in collaboration with a master perfumer and is formulated with our proprietary blend of natural essential oils and soy waxes and uses unbleached cotton wicks. 

Laguna Candles prides itself in crafting candles that are healthy and ethical. We support fair trade and fair wages and employ sustainable methods to create our candles, all while supporting local artisans by helping them preserve their noble crafts.

Even as we expand globally, we are committed to maintaining our local presence, and reinvesting in the beautiful community that makes our success here in the states possible.  In addition to creating jobs for local residents, we cultivate partnerships with local businesses and work with organizations to promote economic growth here in the United States.  

As you shop for home, office, spa, unique personal gifts, unique corporate gifts, promotional corporate gifts or custom corporate giftswe're certain that you will find unbelievable value, a sense of true luxury & an easy, well designed usage experience.


See how our Traditional Artisan Heirloom Candle vessels are hand blown to create singularly unique pieces.