Candle Making Classes & Workshops

Candle Making Classes & Workshops

Laguna Candles will be holding a series of "FUN" Candle Making Workshops and Events entitled "Notes"  in the coming months. Join us and learn the art and inclusion of combining fragrance notes and making candles.

Sharie Hendricks Founder of Laguna Candles will speak briefly on Wellness, Inclusion, Sustainability and  sharing the Laguna Candles Story! Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, Amy & Morgan. Each attendee will pour 1 x candles of various sizes.  Small bites will be provided and feel free to bring your own wine.  Discussion and testing of various wax and wicks
How and when to add fragrance for optimal end-product results
Optimal pouring temperatures and discussion of ambient room temperatures for candle-making.

Group and individual discussion with our expert instructor regarding workshop material and any candle making queries you may have regarding the ABC of candle making!  For improved quality and constructiveness of the classes, a limited number of places will be available for each workshop to allow for more discussion and one-on-one time with old and new friends!

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Cost $50.00 Per Person