Gold Heirloom Artisan High End candles and Luxury Scented Candles

Luxury Soy Candle Gold Artisan Heirloom


This exquisite Gold colored, Heirloom Artisan vessel can be purchased as a set or individually.  Customize it as a scented candle use it as a reed diffuser with our diffuser oil or purchase them empty and use a s a tumbler on you dinner table or drop a tealight inside for a subtle warm glow around the room.  Each piece is created on a limited edition basis, bearing the mark of the artist as testimony of their heirloom quality. You’ll be captivated by these elegant vessels that transcend our hectic lives and speaks to a need the human heart has for everlasting beauty and moved by the evocative scents that reminds one of time spent in Laguna Beach.

Trim the wicks before each usage for a cleaner and longer burn and this candle will provide you with more than 100 hours of abundant joy.

Fragrance Notes: Citrus, Lime & Verbena

Net Weight: 

Burn Time: Candle 130 Hours

Each vessel is a custom creation; Currently in stock and ready to ship and refillable.