California Cool, Kenton Nelson Soy Candle

California Cool, Kenton Nelson Soy Candle


Laguna Candles continues to support the arts in collaboration  with the Laguna Art Museum we've created a special edition candle that reflects the "Cool" in California.  The label artwork was derived from an original, Kenton Nelson, painting that was a commissioned work for the 2020 California Cool Art Auction at Laguna Art Museum.

Kenton Nelson (born 1954) grew up in a family with an impressive artistic pedigree. His great-uncle was the Mexican muralist Roberto Montenegro, a contemporary and friend of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, whose monumental figures seem to reemerge in his own work. Another important influence was his early career as a commercial poster artist, evident in his masterful use of airbrush. Graphic in style and often nostalgic in content, his art is unashamedly rooted in the 1930s and 40s.

As one critic observed, he has “single-handedly resurrected the sun-drenched optimism of New Deal American painting.” In the "contrapposto" stance of the figure, A Standard of Elegance also alludes, typically, to classical and Renaissance art: the pin-up girl in a fashionable swimsuit becomes a statuesque goddess. Nelson's paintings have been featured in exhibitions from Los Angeles to Stuttgart, Zurich, and Salzburg,
and five times on the cover of the New Yorker.

Premium Soy blend wax, double wick & custom blended fragrance in a generous, oversize Amber jar adorned with custom printed label featuring Kento Nelson's painting "A Standard of Elegance".  Comes with safety lid that preserves the candle wax when not lit.

Size: 16oz

Burn Time: 80 Hrs.

Fragrance: Aromatic and cleansing blend of Citrus, Birch, Sandalwood & Warm Fig.