8 Plus Sample Fragrance Kit in Silver travel tin.

8 Plus Soy Candle Sample Fragrance Kit

Whether you looking for just the right fragrance for your home, estate, office or business or you're looking  to create your, very, own Private Label candle collection it all starts with choosing the right fragrance.  Our, newly, redesigned Sample Fragrance Kit contains everything you'll need to choose your fragrance.  Each kit contains, exquisitely, scented 2oz candles in a Metal Travel Tin for testing, both, the cold and hot throw. 

Additionally the 8 Plus Kit contains eight, all-natural, fragrances in our branded crush proof gift box.  Each candle is wicked and ready to burn.  Choose from our extensive library of fragrances.   If you would like to receive  more scents, simply order additional Sample Fragrance Kits, each gift box can hold up to 16 sample candles.  We will continue to add more fragrance so check back often or inquire about "The List" if you would like to take a deeper dive into our world of fragrances. 

Choose from 4 Plus, 6 Plus or 8 Plus Sample Kits. Each wicked candle sample will provide you with just what you need to make the right fragrance choice for your future candle line.   

As a bonus- the cost of your Sample Fragrance Kit will be credited back to you when you place your first Private Label Candle order of 250 or more units. We’re excited to help you get started! Feel free to contact us at info@lagunacandles.com with any questions.

Choose four fragrances with this kit.

Note: Each kit is hand-picked & packed, please allow 3-4 business days before your kit ships.  When burning the sample candles we suggest you use the top as a base,underneath, to protect furniture as the tin becomes warm.