The Muse Montage Ceramic Candle - Laguna Candles

The Muse Montage Ceramic Candle

Laguna Candles introduces the hotel series of candles.  Custom candles created by Laguna Candles team of dedicated artisans for iconic Southern California Hotels.  The series inception starts with none other than our locally, and much beloved, Montage Laguna Beach Hotel & Spa.   This elegant & minimalist candle was designed & hand-poured at the Laguna Candles studio located in Laguna Beach, California.  The vessel was hand-turned and stamped by a local artisan. 

The custom-blended fragrance was made specifically for the hotel by Laguna Candles fragrance team and called Muse, an inspiring fragrance that is, simply, unforgettable.  Guests fortunate enough to receive the candle during their stay, long for it and for a limited time it's here for you to experience.  Made of high quality Porcelain Ceramic  the vessel can be re-used and re-purposed for your personal use. 

Take a  bit of Laguna home with you.

Fragrance: Muse

Notes: White Tonka, Vanilla Pod, Sparkling Amber, Folded Suede, Misted Sandalwood, Oriental Musk



Candle Size: 4.25" Tall x 4.25" Opening x 3.25" Bottom Diameter 

32oz., Burn time: 80+ Hrs.