Artisan Heirloom Glass Filled With Luxury Scented Candles - jar candle

Exclusive Hand Blown Heirloom Artisan Candle by Laguna Candles

It's like getting two gifts in one...
Would you like the delightful candle or the authentic Laguna Candles hand blown, Heirloom vessel?

Laguna Candles hand-blown candles are highly regarded throughout the world for their unique design and guaranteed authenticity.

• Eco-friendly and non-toxic Soy Wax
• Collectible & Reusable glass vessel
• Custom luxury packaging
• Long burn time: Approx. 120+ Hours
• Shipped with Quality Seal and Certificate of Authenticity
• Available unscented or in eight different fragrances

Laguna Candles collaborates with local artists that  are  masters in the noble art of glass blowing to create, truly unique, custom, hand-blown glass vessels that are one of a kind works of art.  The vessels are collectible and the visual elegance is stunning to behold.  
The form of the vessel was designed to amplify the fragrance throw while the candle is lit. The vessels clarity give it the ability to display a intense hue.  The bottom of each vessel bears the signature of the artist making it collectible and of “Heirloom” quality, hence the name Artisan Heirloom Candle.


Hand-made by artisans on the coast of California, Each piece is a custom creation, Signed by the artist who made it, Filled with natural Soy blend wax, Infused with natural oil fragrance, Glass vessel is reusable once candle is fully burned, Lead-free cotton wick, Made in the USA.


Fragrance Notes: Citrus, Lime & Verbena

Net Weight: 35.5 ounces

Burn Time: 180 Hours