Art-Centric Candles & Collaborations Kenton Nelson

Laguna Candles works with local artists and we've found new inspiration with our newest collaborations. The first in a series of various subjects and art forms brought to life and applied in an unique way with our Soy -based, Vegan candles. 

In collaboration with the Laguna Art Museum we're proud to feature a Kenton Nelson image of a painting entitled on the label of 16oz Amber jar candle.  Kenton Nelson (born 1954) grew up in a family with an impressive artistic pedigree. His great-uncle was the Mexican muralist Roberto Montenegro, a contemporary and friend of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, whose monumental figures seem to reemerge in his own work. Another important influence was his early career as a commercial poster artist, evident in his masterful use of airbrush. Graphic in style and often nostalgic in content, his art is unashamedly rooted in the 1930s and 40s.