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EVERYBODY PANIC! Black Friday Cyber Monday is coming!

August 06, 2021 4 min read

EVERYBODY PANIC! Black Friday Cyber Monday is coming!

Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) was different last year. With sales moving online because of the pandemic, the way business is being done has shifted and will likely continue to evolve moving forward.

As the way buyers shop changes, so too must we!

One thing we did learn through all this is the American Thanksgiving weekend shopping spree is here to stay. BUT, it starts EARLIER and lasts LONGER than it ever has before. Online stores are trying to get the edge on one another and are promoting early and late BFCM sales and this has spread out the opportunity to really market to a larger group of potential customers. 

What does this mean for eCommerce retailers? It means you should be preparing your Black Friday Cyber Monday strategies right now! You cannot start too early when it comes to this. With an increased demand on materials for products and an increased burden on understaffed and underfunded postal services, procrastination has become a business destroyer.

We’ve created a 5 Step Checklist for Black Friday and Cyber Monday so you can maximize your chances of success in the year's biggest shopping event! 

1: Make Sure you have Stock Prepared

For physical products, you will need to make sure you have all your stock items ready and increase your inventory. Many businesses miss out on big profit opportunities simply because they were too conservative in their product orders.

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“How soon should I do this?” you may ask. If you haven’t gotten started already you should now! 

If you have candles as products, be sure you have your inventory ordered for Black Friday ASAP! We are telling our regular buyers to get their orders in now.

Due to severe supply chain issues this year many suppliers of glass are experiencing shortages related to materials coming from overseas.  This will be a common theme with almost all industries and products. 

2: Create a jaw-dropping offer 

Use this offer as a way to attract customers to your store. Once they’re in your store, they are more likely to buy additional products (especially if they’re discounted). How steep of a discount should I provide on my jaw-dropping offer? Unless you are offering an item that NO ONE else has, a discount of 25% should be the minimum. It has been shown that 15% or less isn't 

Keep in mind, literally every other business out there will be advertising their BFCM deals. So try your best to make your offer stand out. This will take some creative thinking but here are some suggestions.

  • Create a BFCM bundle 
  • Run a giveaway 
  • Offer VIP discounts

3: Display Signage 

What better way to promote your BFCM than with stunning images and graphics? Make sure to place discounts and offers clearly on the homepage, this clarifies to your customers what they will save during this promotion. Some ways you can optimize your website's homepage to increase sales are:

  • Add a countdown banner to create a sense of urgency 
  • Updating the header/hero image on your homepage 
  • Having a discount clearly displayed on your header/hero image of your homepage

4: Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to speak directly to your most ideal customers. You know they are the right target market because they asked to hear from you and/or they have already bought from you. They just might buy again...and emails cost nearly nothing to send!

Regardless of what your BFCM offer is, send warm up emails early to your subscribers. 

We recommend starting at least 3-4 weeks in advance to build suspense and let your subscribers know what to expect. The following week, send them a thank you email for shopping at your business and ask for their feedback or that they share to social media.

5: Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing should not be neglected. As of 2021, the number of people on social media is almost 4 billion, chances are your audience is on there too!

Social media can be extremely beneficial for your eCommerce business! If you use advertisements on Facebook and Instagram the more engagement that you receive from your advertisements, the better they will do. 

You’ll want to create Facebook & Instagram campaigns that immediately capture people's attention.  Reminder, that there are many businesses demanding their potential customers' attention during this time. So get creative! Try to think of something that will immediately speak to your customers and they would engage with (like, comment, share, etc.).

You can boost your Black Friday and Cyber Monday posts to reach larger crowds however, due to the demand during this time, you may need to increase your bid price for certain keywords. (But the sooner you start, the better the prices)

That being said, it’s not ideal to just get your ads in front of everyone, you want to get those ads seen by your target market.

Not certain who your target audience is? Check out our most recent blog : A How to guide on identifying your target market

We hope you found some useful tips in this blog so you can increase your sales for Black Friday Cyber Monday. If you are looking for some white label candles for your own business be sure to check out our site: Laguna Candles